Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Want to win?

I'm so excited! As some of you may know I am a vendor at CreatedbyMom.com. You know, that fabulous 100% mom made chic boutique? Every week they have a give away and this week one of my tutus and wands are up for grabs.
To be specific this tutu is up for grabs.

This is my best seller. A periwinkle/lavender (or blue/purple) tutu. Fifty yards of soft tulle makes for a full and fluffy, twirly skirt of fun for any little girl. The one being given away is sized for 2T-4T. What tutu is complete without a wand?

Would you like to win? Go on over to CreatedbyMom the Blog and enter.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Have you started? Have you visited all the wonderful mom-vendors at CreatedbyMom.com?


Shelly said...

You know, it just dawned on me that I have two nieces that would ADORE tutus and wands...

Kat said...

So, so cute! Do you have your tutu shop up and running?

And I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. Now I just have to deal with the wrapping paper mocking me...

Anonymous said...

SO adorable. If only I were a little younger and a little smaller, I'd want this. Sadly, no kids and no youngin's around to give this too.

Anyhoo, stopping by from SITS, you were the person below me in roll call this morning so I'm coming by to check out your blog!!

Happy Monday!