Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monster Sighting

If I compare my afternoons to a National Geographic article I might sound something like this:

I finally got footage of the, not so rare, monstrous 2 year old that inhabits our village. She appears to be sweet until provoked into a game of chase. Here you see one of the elder hunters luring it into a game of "catch me if you can" in attempts to lure her to exhaustion and maybe a nap.

Did you notice how she threatens with a "roar" and he answers with a "roar"? I'm sure it's a game of some sort, but I'm not really sure who is in charge. Will have to document further to determine what really is going on.

This really is a game that happens every afternoon when Sam comes home. My oldest is every body's favorite big brother (which is handy since he is the oldest), and I think he's got it down pretty good. He lets the younger ones get away with a lot. And the above is just the tip of the ice berg. They do love their games of afternoon chase. My kids are all crazy and my house is always a mess and very loud and we're always out of food with four growing children. I can never say I'm bored or lack entertainment.
What about any of you? Do you have a crazy house? Do your kids chase each other around making roaring sounds? Are you ready for the holidays?

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thanks for stopping your advent calendar.