Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lessons from the parking lot.

Thursday afternoons bring after school activities for my older children. My 12yo (Chris) joined the YearBook Club at his middle school, and my freshman(Sam) joined the Interactive Gaming Club. Interactive Gaming Club is code for Dungeons&Dragons. Yes, I have "one of those" and I couldn't be prouder. So anyway, the routine is to go pick Chris up and then go sit in the parking lane in front of the freshman building to wait for Sam to finish up his round of D&D.

Today Chris and I had a great game of people watching. Maybe I should preface this with the fact that he loves the High School Musical movies and has quite an imagination. We're sure Disney wouldn't make up stories involving kids who spontaneously burst into song, so we've been on the lookout for the high schoolers we're sure who do. Did that make sense to anyone other than me?

Today we're sitting behind a Jaguar (the motorized kind, not the jungle stalker kind) when we notice a girl in a leopard print jacket ( theme much?), and a Jonas Brother wanna be come out of the building and get into the Jag. Chris and I are pretty sure those are the types who burst into spontaneous song and dance and we'll be keeping our eyes out to see them again.

Next come the jocks. It's basketball season, and everybody knows that basketball players sing and dance. What's this? Why is that player's shirt all ripped? He's gotta be a werewolf (we know from watching too many Joss Whedon shows that this is a definite possibility)--why else would he have a shirt that looks like that? Right? Wait a minute? Why are none of the basketball guys wearing socks? Whoa! Why is THAT basketball guy wearing red tights? We're sure there's some sort of theme going on here but we'll need more time to study it.

We observed the orchestra kids coming and going from the building but we aren't sure if they are really carrying instruments or machine guns. This is Chicago, we've all seen the mobster movies.

Thank goodness! The D&D kids start straggling from the building. They really are the most unassuming of the bunch we've seen all afternoon, which makes us assume they must be the masterminds behind the whole high school organization.

Sam gets in the car and we go through our findings with him, but when we get to our theory on the D&D kids he just clams up. Hmm....we must be getting close to what this high school thing is all about.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on your own high schoolers. Are they of the non-sock wearing basketball playing werewolf society? or do you have a machine gun toting orchestra player? Do your teenagers burst out into spontaneous song and dance?

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Paige said...

Oh now this is funny and I LOVE people watching. I'd cruise the local high school, but that would be really weird since I don't have a kid old enough. : )

Gratitude Gal said...

I love people watching as well. When I pick up my son from his high school, it brings back a flood of memories. What a strange and sometimes awkward time, high school can be...