Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mother Nature Has a Cruel Sense of Humor

Life was easy with three boys. I always know what to expect. For instance, boys get into mischief, or well most boys do. Mine are actually pretty good, so when I got pregnant a fourth time and found out we were having a girl I was so excited. I mean girls are supposed to be perfect little angels, and every mother's dream come true. Right? Fast forward a few years, or more specifically, last April 1st. Rose is two years old and we are making our first trip to the emergency room together. It's snowing. Nice! Because in April you expect to see snow coming outa the sky, right? What is our emergency? Rose has stuck some zots up her nose.

Do you remember these things? They are great fun, and apparently even more fun to stick up your nose. We ended up going to the emergency room twice and ultimately to see an ENT to have all of them (that's right, more than one) removed the "hard way". Girls are supposed to be easy!

This is what Rose's room should look like. Everything in its place, only taken down to play with and then put away. Rose apparently didn't read the rule book on what girls are supposed to be like, because most days all of this is all over her floor in a great heaping mess. This April Fool's Day mother nature strikes again with Croup. Yep, my sweet little angel Rose, has the barking seal disease. The doctor has her on steroids to reduce the swelling in her air passages. Have you seen what those drugs do to a little girl? Sweet innocent angels, my foot! While I chase around my steroid driven 3yo this April Fool's Day you should all be busy perusing blogs. Why not start with reading, or rather looking, at what Kat from Sunshine and Lemonade has posted today. Very clever photoshop editing or are congratulations in order? Or how about popping on over to read what Chris at Chris Bliss has posted? Is there a theme here or should we be afraid to drink the blogging water?


AmberW said...

April fools!??! lol

Paige said...

Ummm...seriously? I hope this is a joke. Candy up the nose? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Rose's room looks soooooooo cute!


Gratitude Gal said...

When we were little, my brother put a glass bead in his ear! What an idiot. Anyways, years and years later he is still an idiot, but the glass bead is gone!

Perverb said...

Yes, I'd definitely post an entry about my child's personality under the heading "Mother Nature Has a Cruel Sense of Humor"