Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Fun

I do realize that it is the day before Halloween, but it's better late than never to get your pumpkin all jack-o-lanterned out for the holiday. This afternoon I did just that. Okay, I didn't do much, but I forced my children to do it so I could take pictures and share with all of you. :) So here's my version of how to get a pumpkin ready for it's big day.
First you make your three boys go out in public with you.
Aren't they cute? And they didn't give me too much trouble, but then I had them all hopped up on Starbucks. I'm such a bad mommy.
Next you bring home the pumpkins and force your youngest two to take before pictures.
After you take a ton of pictures of the cute kids sitting with pumpkins, you get to take a knife and plunge it into the brains of the pumpkin. Wow, this is really actually violent. Poor pumpkin, what did it ever do to me? Then you take more pictures.

At this point your 5yo will decide that this is way too messy for him and you'll hire a stand-in to do his work.

Your stand-in will bring a little black cat to check out the quality of the pumpkin work being done and generally distract little girls. Then your 5yo decides he's bored and goes inside to play a gameboy leaving you with a 14yo, a 2yo, and the little black cat.

In the end you end up with a cyclops pumpkin, and a stereotypical pumpkin who will be mocked by all the other pumpkins for being so "normal", but hey, that's what he gets for waiting for the last second to get his costume together.

What about any of you? How did your pumpkins turn out? Did you carve any? Did you force your children to do it for sake of photo ops? Does anyone have any little black cats (which are the ultimate Halloween decoration)? Is everyone ready for tomorrow's trick or treaters?

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