Wednesday, October 15, 2008

wordless wednesday

This is the one thing I've seen on countless blogs that I love. Wordless Wednesday. I love seeing the different pictures people have to share, so I'm gonna do it too. :)

Hope you all enjoyed!


Jen said...

ADORABLE photos Jennifer! I lovelovelove the pink tutu & matching pink cowboy boots!!!! =)

Anna Lefler said...

Omigosh - adorable!

Your comment on my blog cracks me up every time I see it!

Thanks for stopping by and for including me on your blogroll - I'm adding you to mine!

:^) Anna

jennifersusan said...

Jen- Thanks for the compliment! FYI, the tutu is for sale. I make them. :)

Anna- I'm glad I could crack you up! Your blog always cracks me up. :)

Spaceofgrace said...

Beautiful pictures!! I also have 4 kids...boys, the oldest being 7. Life is an adventure! Come visit my blog sometime. :) You are most welcome, fellow 4 kid-mommy.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the tutus! Wish I had a sewing machine... *snif