Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All About Sam

As most of you know, by now, I have four children. Yes, I know that mostly you only hear about the youngest (and only girl). Today I'm gonna talk about my oldest, Sam. Sam is 14yo and a freshman in highschool. He's full of imagination and great ideas and sarcasm (as any good teenage boy should be). I may be biased, but he really is an amazing big brother. All of his siblings adore him all the time, and even though he may be at an age that he annoys more easily, he loves his siblings too. He's thoughtful and a big help with cooking, and helping with the youngest of the kids. He's a big reader, loves to draw, watch horror movies (and talk about how fake they look), listen to obscure music, and watch anime. I think it's safe to say that his favorite anime character is one named, simply, L. He's a huge Death Note fan.
In the last year he's become very interested in writing short stories. First he played around with writing horror stories, but lately he's been working on something that resembles fan fiction. Onlne he's often found hanging out at a place called "the World Forum". Last week he started his story and has been adding a chapter almost every day. He asks for people to give him suggestions for characters and story lines and he's been having a ball. He's gotten great support from his online friends. He insisted on asking the permission of the people who've been giving him character ideas before allowing me to post links to his story, on my blog.
Try to ignore spelling and grammar, ect.. I think his story is coming along nicely and he's so very proud of it himself.
Have a read. You can read his story here. As I add more of his chapters I'll let ya'll know.

I hope you enjoy his imagination as much as I do!


Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing?

Paige said...

First of all. I LOVE the picture. So completely cool.

Next, Sam is an incredible writer. I'm so impressed at how sophisticated it is. I'm going to have to show my sister who is the Dept. chair for her high school English department.

Tell him congrats. You must be so proud.

Anonymous said...
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