Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today, 6years ago

Six years ago, the day started out with me looking like this.
I was finally going into labor with baby number three. It was a Monday morning and my doctor was going to induce me on Wednesday if I did'nt have you before then. I had been eating eggplant like crazy trying to get my body to go into labor without the pitosin and even though my water did'nt break, I actually had contractions. Daddy took me to the hospital and it was'nt long before they gave me the best epidural ever. I was in heaven, not being able to feel a thing. It took a while but you were born shortly after 1pm, and daddy almost missed it. You were 9pounds and 1 ounce and 22inches long with the chubbiest cheeks and fullest head of hair ever. Over the year you grew and grew, you met new people who'd be important in your life like your godfather, Dave, and your best friend, Lambie.

You spent a lot of time in your snugli, wearing underwear on your head with your brothers, and learning to share your food with the cat.
Then, like a flash, you were suddenly a big ONE year old boy.
So much happened in your life between the age of 1 and 2. You moved to a new house in a new city (where you enjoyed dancing on the dining room table), you went to the beach for the very first time (and weren't that crazy about it), and just hung out with your big brothers (who you were crazy about).

And just like that you were TWO.
Being 2yo went by in a blur for you and me, and it wasn't long before it was time to turn Three.
It wasn't long after you turned three that you became a big brother yourself.

You also started going to preschool when you turned 3.
Four years old brought another trip to the beach (that you loved, this time), and days where you loved dressing like a Roman soldier. You called yourself a knight.

Five years old brought you your first family reunion, where you got to meet all your mommy's brothers and sisters and their kids. You had your first kiss, with Bailey (it's a good thing her mommy is your mommy's BFF), and your first day of school. And this year you love being Scooby Doo.

Today you turned 6years old. You insisted that you needed balloons and party hats so that's what you got, along with a house full of people who love you so much. You are never without a smile, and always talking, your sweet and a good friend and a wonderful brother. I love you so much, my sweet little Todd. Happy Birthday!


Aleta said...

How sweet! I love how you showed pictures from birth to the current birthday - neat idea and handsome boy! (Also, I didn't know that about eggplant!)

Jennifer said...

Great pics!! Oh they grow up so fast!! I remember eating eggplant parmesan for days on end--it never worked!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!!

Kat said...

I can't believe how quickly they grow up!

NeverADullMoment said...

What a wonderful tribute that someday he can look back on and see the love you have for him! Thanks for your words of encouragement yesterday! I can' tell you how much they helped!