Tuesday, November 18, 2008

what 12year olds do

So maybe not ALL 12 year old kids do this, maybe he's just showing off how tall he is, but for some reason my 12yo, Chris, has decided to turn his 6yo brother's birthday balloons into fake helium ones. As ya'll know from my blog, last week, Todd turned 6. He wanted balloons and decorations, ect... We got a bag of regular balloons, had Sam blow them up and we streamed them around the living room. Of course what kids don't love to play with balloons? Soon enough all the balloons were littering my living room floor, and believe me when I say my living room floor has enough liter on it without the help. I asked the kids to clean up. Yes, I asked (okay, really I told) them to clean -- if I'm gonna go through all the trouble of having them the least they can do is provide some free labor. Right? I come back into the room to this:
I couldn't figure out how, on earth they managed to make all these balloons stick to the ceiling. So once they all fell Chris demonstrated what his giant stature is really good for.
Silly me, it's all just static electricity. I'm so happy that public school science is teaching my children something useful. What about you? Do your children like to turn your house into a science experiment?


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! what smart kids! I didnt know balloons could do that!!! how funny!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love SC, but secretly I love the beaches in NC the best! I like it when they are so commercialized like here in myrtle beach! I love OBX!

Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing the 'saucy' love!

sassy stephanie said...

My almost 8 yr old is totally into science right now. Fun!!

Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!

Tulsi said...

Thanks for stopping by!! This is funny. Boys are a breed all to themselves, that's for sure.