Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday...and yes, there's snow on the ground.

Over the weekend we had snow. Okay, okay...I know. I live in Chicago-land and we ALWAYS have snow. Usually when the sky opens up and bird dandruff (that's what my dad always calls it) falls from the sky I stay inside. I mean who wants to play in the freezer after they've been living in the freezer for so long? Saturday morning I woke up to this site (as taken from my living room window).

Notice the sidewalk has already been shoveled? Yes, I have neighbors who were actually up before 8am with their snow blowers. The guy who lives behind us snow blows the sidewalk for the entire cul de sac and all the way down our street. It's actually pretty awesome! Saturday we ended up with 8+ inches of snow. It was so pretty!! I couldn't help it. I bundled Rose up and took her out to play. The older kids were shoveling snow (I even talked my 12yo into shoveling our neighbor's driveway out of the kindness of his heart--and he did), and it was just really nice. Rose found out that she like the taste of snow. I wonder if she'd like sno-cones? What do you think?




Kat said...

So pretty. It's been almost a year since it snowed here. Wonder if we'll get any this winter or not. But...I don't think we'll be eating it :-)

Gratitude Gal said...

What gorgeous pictures! Grab some hot chocolate today and maybe a nap!

The Muse said...

Most sincere hear felt thank you for stopping by to support the 100th post ...our time is so valuable and i know what it means to actually visit and comment...

I welcome your participation and invite you any time !

Our snow here has melted...but forecasts are calling for more..I think i am beginning to feel the call of spring!

Paige said...

Oh Beautiful. Looks like something out of a movie.