Friday, January 23, 2009

Where did the week go?

What a busy week it's been. Short weeks always seem just wrong. Not that I mind having Monday's off, or having the kids home, but I never know what day it is for the rest of the week. I even forgot to put the trash to the curb this week! Days off always mean more work for me at home, and in the end never really seem like a day off (for some reason Rose likes to get up extra early on the days when I can sleep in). So today I am taking a day off. The weather is warm (okay so it's like 20 outside but after last weeks -20 it's like a heat wave), and what do we do when the weather turns warm? We go to the mall, of course! Hey! It's not like it's park weather, but thankfully the mall has a great indoor play area and it's warm enough to walk from the car to the door. I have been looking forward to this all week. A trip to the mall with Rose. We are going to hit the Bath & Body semi-annual sale, and just hang out. Is there anything better than a girl day? Rose is very excited.

What about any of you? Big plans for the weekend?? Have you read Sam's story yet? I've added chapters 2-6. He tells me he's got the next chapter all planned out, too. I can hardly wait to see what he's got planned for his characters.


Paige said...

I love the mall rain or shine. When we lived in northwest TX we went to the mall all the time when it snowed outside. Hope you have a wonderful time. : )

No plans this weekend...just a photo shoot on Saturday.

Gratitude Gal said...

I will be going to our mall later today. I need to buy a swimsuit. Just shoot me! I am going to Kauai on Friday. I will be blogging from Hawaii!!! How cool.
I know what you mean about short weeks, trash day is off, you think it's Friday when it's not...
And you really don't sleep in. What's up with that!?
Anyways, happy shopping, stay warm!

tara @ kidz said...

Short weeks are nuts, aren't they? Time just flies!

That picture is fantastic! What a handful!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Did you have a fabulous time at the mall?? Bella loves those indoor playgrounds too! What did you get at B&B??

cat said...

Well, you know, we might be the envy of all in our summer clothes at present, but come May, you guys will be in summer spirit and we will have winter on the horizon. Hope you had a great day at the mall.