Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the BFGB and Shawn Cassidy

You may be familar with the Ronald Dahl book, "the BFG" (big friendly giant). I have one of those at my house, except we refer to him as the BFGB (big friendly giant brother). Chris.
Being the tallest of four children, Chris has many interests. He loves to play video games, pokemon, read, and High School Musical, just to name a few. Yep! You read right, Chris is a 12yo boy who loves High School Musical. If you ask him he'll tell you he isn't popular but that it doesn't matter because his friends like him and he likes himself. How cool is that to hear your kid say?

Chris likes to be called the BFGB, it's a title he wears proudly. But there's another name we have for him in our house and that's...Shawn Cassidy.

Chris has no idea who Shawn Cassidy is, and really didn't mind me calling him that until I explained who he is (or was). Yes, I've warped my poor 12yo's mind by refering to him as a 1970's heart throb. So now, when we want to fluster him, we just call him Shawn Cassidy and he turns all red and doesn't know what to say, but tries really hard not to giggle. Have any of you devised ways of torturing your children? Do any of you have children who look like somebody famous, or formerly famous?


Kat said...

That's so sweet that he likes HSM. I am thinking that Katie is growing out of it...especially as she enters the Twilight phase. I don't think the girls look like anyone famous...but Madalyn seems to act like she someone really important!

Jen said...

LOL he does resemble Shawn Cassidy! How funny!!! Have you shown him old videos of Partridge Family so he can get even more embarrased? LOL!