Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! The sassy gals at SITS are having a Halloween parade, so to join in the fun here are some of my favorite pictures of Halloween past (and present). So grab a handful of candy (it's all chocolate, so I hope that's okay) and have a look.
First we have a look back at Halloween 2003. I tried to sell the boys at a pumpkin patch, but nobody wanted to buy them. I thought they were a bargain for $2 each.

Since they didn't sell I took them home and dressed them up in silly costumes of their own design. Sam loved dressing up as a Kitty Wizard (long story, but it was all his idea), and Chris is in one of his favorite stand by's-- a knight. Obviously he's bent on trying to get rid of Todd, the dragon.

A year later we were celebrating again. This time Chris dressed as a blue power ranger, and Sam was Sora (from Kingdom Hearts--Sam really likes to be original and do things his own way), Todd was an impromptu superman.

In 2006 Sam and Todd discovered scary masks.
This year we've gone to cute and cuddly with Todd as ScoobyDoo and Rose as a sweet and sassy witch. Not that the big boys are "too old" to do the Halloween thing. Sam has plans to attend his first high school party, and Chris is into going with friends (he's too cool to have parents).

Happy Halloween!


Kat said...

I wonder how much longer Katie will want to dress up. She's doing her first home made costume tonight...she's going as Edward Cullen from Twilight...

Brooke said...

Oh the last one is my fav! How fun.

Meaghan said...

Those are adorable pictures!!

Happy Halloween!!

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Spaceofgrace said...

lovely pictures!!! thanks for sharing.

Tiffany said...

That Scooby Do costume makes me so happy!

Thanks for sharing!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Soooo sweet!!

Too bad setting the KIDS back an hour isn't as easy as the clocks, huh??


Anna Lefler said...

Omigosh - look at those photos! Adorable children AND costumes!

Looks like you had a great Halloween...onward to Thanksgiving! [gulp]

:^) Anna

PS Meatloaf can NEVER be too loud.

Julie said...

I loved looking at those pics! The kids are awfully cute and the crunchy leaves made me miss really having seasons change like that! (I'm in AZ). Nice blog :)