Saturday, October 18, 2008

lazy or genius?

It's finally started looking like autumn around here. The weather has just been unseasonable--we've been wearing shorts for heaven's sake and we live in the Chicago area! Finally, our trees are turning the pretty fall colors and losing their leaves. It was just a few leaves at first, but now we actually have a lot of leafy build up in our yard. Let's get something straight. I like having pretty flowers and a nice looking yard, I do. I don't like the work that goes with it. When it comes to mowing, my oldest does the work and now his brother helps. When it comes to raking leaves, I try to avoid it. They always get taken care of sooner or later, and this year it's been sooner. Oh no, don't think that I actually took time from sitting watching Days and eating bonbons. Don't be silly! It's much better than that (at least for me it's better than taking time out of my bonbon eating, Stephano watching). Apparently my yard is the best source of leaves and I keep catching the neighborhood kids in my yard. At first I was chasing them off, but now I see what they are doing. They are raking my leaves and taking them home to jump in them in their own yards! Okay, they leave some, but they are all in nice piles. It's so cool! So, does that make me really lazy, or just the coolest mom genius in the cul de sac?


Spaceofgrace said...

definitely the coolest! I love fall and the leaves here are gorgeous (in Canada). Most of them are still on the trees, and we wore fall jackets for the first time today.. its been warm too. :)

Jen said...

I refuse to rake leaves too! =)

That is tooooo funny that the kids come over to your house to steal your leaves!! Whodathunkit?